Tuesday Q & A w/Renae | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

Good Morning All!  Today’s question comes from Dawnita M.  Here’s her question, “How do you create great manual mode indoor shots without using flash?”

Great question Dawnita thanks for asking!  Here are a few ways to obtain your goal without using flash.  Each camera is different so you will have to check your camera manual to learn how to change these functions.  You may only have to do one or two of these, but depending on your lighting conditions you may have to adjust them all.

  • Make sure your flash is off on your camera and not on auto
  • Increase the ISO on your camera.  With good lighting I normally shoot at 100 or 125.  Shooting in low light situations you will need to increase that.  Remember if you increase it too much you may start to get grain in your photos as I mentioned in last weeks blog.  I would start around maybe 400 and go up or down.
  • You can also decrease your f-stop.  The smaller the F- number, the greater the amount of light that passes through the lens. Each change of F-stop halves or doubles the image brightness as you step up or down.
  • Last but not least you can increase your shutter speed.  Your shutter also controls the amount of light that passes through your camera, but keep in mind the lower your shutter in low light conditions you will see movement or blur.  You will have to select a speed that works to get your desired outcome.

Here’s a chart I found online to help make sense of it all



Play with all three suggestions here.  Practice a lot before your shoot or event so you can feel comfortable before it counts.  It takes some getting use to.  Hope this helps.  Let me know how it works in the comments below!  Happy shooting!  Thanks to everyone who has submitted questions I will be here again next week to answer another.  Make sure you stop by!

Check Out renaejphoto.com

Owner and lead photographer of realm studios photography Renae Johnson is an internationally published beauty, portrait and commercial photographer.  Check out her new site www.renaejphoto.com showcasing her commercial work!  Thank you for your continued support!!!

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Tuesday Q & A w/Renae | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

Today’s question comes from Gladys N.  Gladys’ question “I was just wondering when it comes to prints how are you able to blow them up without losing quality? Does it have to do with shooting in RAW or can it be done with something shot in JPEG? When I take pictures that are focused right and sharpened correctly they still turn out blurry or grainy when enlarged!”

Hi Gladys!  Thanks for your question!

There are a couple of reasons why this may be happen but it doesn’t have anything to do with shooting raw or jpeg.  Here’s 2 common reasons:

  1.  Check the resolution “size” of your images that you are shooting.  This can be determined inside your camera or once you upload the image onto your computer.  A low res image (72 dpi) will cause an image to look fine on the back of your camera or online but when you go to print it will look blurry or pixelated.  Check the manual for your camera to see how to determine and/or change your image size to hi res.  300 dpi is the the best size to print.
  2. Check your ISO on your camera.  Most images shot with an ISO at 800 or higher will cause grain (noise) on your image.  Again you may not see on your camera but when you go to print it will show especially if you are printing larger images.

Thanks so much Gladys for your question!  Hope this helps!  If you have a question about photography feel free to email us at info@realmstudiosphotography.com.  We will answer photography questions here on the blog weekly!

In other news…



We are currently recruiting those who will represent realm studios for the class of 2016!  As a part of our recruiting process we are asking all who are interested to fill out a questionnaire and submit it ASAP.  This helps us with our selection process and making our final decision.  We will be meeting with our chosen reps with in the next few weeks.  There is no obligation to attend this meeting.  It is only to discuss our senior rep program in detail.  If you or anyone you know is interested click here so that we can forward you a questionnaire!  Hope to hear from you soon!

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College Bound? | Rep Your School | Atlanta Portrait Photographer


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Taryn | Brookwood Class of 2015 | Atlanta Senior Photographer

Brookwood High School’s Track & Basketball beauty Taryn is all dolled up and running around the track in a totally different way with us :-) .  What a great time hanging with this lovely young lady!!! Are you with the Class of 2015?  Click here now to come to our meet up on Tonight, July 8th at 6:30pm to hear all about becoming a part of our #realmseniors fam!

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Kathryn | Brookwood Class of 2015 | Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer

Our next #realmsenior is dear to my heart.  I’ve been photographing her since she was 11 and can’t believe she’s a senior :-( .  She’s like a daughter to me and love her dearly!  She was my first client when I moved to Atlanta and I am forever grateful to her and her mom for that.  Love you Kathryn!!!  So excited for you and the opportunity to watch you grow into the beautiful young women you are!!!

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Jaida | Grayson Class of 2015 | Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer

More from our FABULOUS Seniors!!! Next up Jaida!  This girl has some moves!  She’s a jazz dancer with the kindest spirit!  Here’s  a sneak peek from her senior session!  Know of a rising Senior who would love to be a part of the realm senior family?  Email us info@realmseniors.com to get info on our next Meet Up to discuss packaging and pricing!

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Ariel | Brookwood Class of 2015 | Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer

So High School Senior Portrait season is well underway here at realm studios!  Our realm seniors are the best and we LOVE spending time with them!  Here is a sneak peek into what I’ve been up to.  Starting with Ariel, Senior at Brookwood High School!  Ariel is quiet the athlete she’s on both the Varsity Football Cheer as well as Varsity Tennis!  You go Ariel!!!  Stay tuned more to come!

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