Fabulous Friday I Atlanta Children’s Portrait Photographer

It’s Friday and time for a spotlight on another Fabulous CLM Studios client.  Meet Malea!  Malea is an aspiring actress/model who came to us to build her portfolio.  Although she’s just getting started she is definately ready to make her mark in the entertainment world.  We wish her the best of luck with her very bright future!  Here are a few things that you may not know about Malea!!!  HAVE A FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!

I am going to the 3rd grade.

I am 4’9” at the age of eight.

I LOVE watching Toddler and Tiara’s, Cupcake Wars, Craft Wars, Chopped  and Cake Boss!!


I cheer, play softball and the piano!

I LOVE to SHOP!! (anything with BLING!!)

I love SCHOOL and my friends!

I love Fashion and Modeling! Just took my first sewing class!

I love to take Pictures!

I love Mommy, Daddy and my Brother “RJ”

If you are ready for your close up?  Click here to schedule your session with us.  We look forward to working with you!

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  1. Aunt Margaret says:

    You go girl! With God, the sky is the limit with my goddaughter.

    Aunt Margaret

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