Five Minute Hairstyles

Every lady wants to look her best, but let’s face it, sometimes “life” can get in the way of your glamour routine. Below is a collection of our favorite five minute hairstyles – perfect for those days when you want to look put together, but only have a few minutes to get ready. Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to share your favorite five minute hair styles in the comments below!

Quick and Easy HairstylesStyle 1: Quick & Messy Bun / Up-Do

A messy bun can be seen everywhere from corner coffee shops to Parisian runways. This simple, yet chic hairstyle can accompany almost any ensemble. This up-do by Luxy Hair looks complicated, but can be done in about five minutes!

Quick and Easy HairstylesStyle 2: Short and Sassy

Have shorter hair? In this video, California-based hair and makeup artist, Danielle Roberts (nee Cedillo) walks you through ten quick and easy looks ranging from a simple ponytail to flirty waves! Many of the styles require no-heat, you just need a few bobby pins and you’re ready to go!

Easy Natural HairStyle 3: Natural

These hairstyles are for all of my ladies that like to keep it natural. In this hair tutorial, Hair Crush shows you how to create four fun styles quickly and easily! Learn two cute “half-up” styles, an up-do, and the elusive fro-hawk/faux-hawk!

Easy Fishtail BraidStyle 4: Reverse Fishtail Braid

Everyone will be asking you how you created this unique look! A reverse fishtail braid is an intricate hairstyle that is really easy to create in just a couple of minutes once you catch on to the technique. This is another beautiful hair tutorial from Luxy Hair!


Now that you have the tools to cut your hair routine to five minutes, try these one minute hairstyles by Bebexo! She will literally create three different hairstyles in about two minutes in the video below. Challenge yourself to try one out this week!

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