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Hey it’s Leah Happy Wednesday!!!

Rain, rain, what a hoot; now I get to wear my cute rain boots! That’s the little tune I sing when it is a gloomy, rainy day around here. If there is one thing you can count on during January in the South, it’s that it is going to rain. Even though it is easy for me since I have a love for the rain, I always try to make the rainy days fun and exciting through my outfits! Here are my tips for embracing the rainy, winter months the stylish way!



Make your own sun shining day by wearing bright, summery colors! I love how the simple, striped shift dress was given new light by adding vividly colorful accent pieces. This outfit is perfect for a day of shopping, hanging out with friends, or going to brunch!


Image via Pinterest


Making a Statement

Cheetah print is such a great fashion statement! Jenna Lyons said, “as far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral.” The fashion guru, hit the nail on the head with that quote because cheetah and leopard print can be so easily incorporated into any of your outfits! I love the mix of citron and maroon with this basic white cheetah print coat! The fun umbrella helps too…;)


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Commuting to Work/School

This basic outfit is incredibly stylish and classic for your commute to work or school. It is so simple to wear your rain boots while commuting and whip out your more professional shoes (stored in your bag, of course) once you arrive! This outfit works for the daytime because the scarf and boots dress it down. If you want to take this outfit out at night, put on rain-friendly (aka no suede, missy!) dressy boots or flats, remove the scarf, and opt for a sparkly statement necklace!


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Curling up at Home

On a rainy day there is nothing I want to do more than curl up and sleep all day long! If you are still wearing your Juicy bottom sweats with your gross old t-shirts, you are in serious need of a chic loungewear upgrade! It is so simple to look absolutely adorable while enjoying your lazy day. Grab an oversized sweater and wear it with leggings, fuzzy socks, or (the always glamorous) thigh high socks to keep your feet and legs warm!


Image via Make Life Easier (Link: http://www.makelifeeasier.pl/)


Playing in the Rain

Go play in the rain!! Don’t let a little drizzle, or downpour, get you down! Slip on your rain boots with any outfit, and go jump, dance, and play in the rain! This outfit would be great to go play in the rain with your friends or significant other because the silhouette of the skirt is flirty and fun. Wear tights, a cute sweatshirt, and winter accessories to make this outfit cold weather appropriate. No matter what you wear, first things first, have fun!


Image via realm seniors


How do you cope with the Southern winter rain? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

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