kathryn raveJust wanted to give a SHOUT OUT to Renae and the Realm Studios team! We got Kathryn’s senior album and were BLOWN away by the final product – AMAZING shots that real captured my daughter’s spirit and personality. What a blessing and gift to have going into this final year of high school. Thank you for your attention to detail and creative eye that brings out the beauty in everything you shoot! -Lynn Fonseca, Mom to Kathryn Class of 2015

realm_raveA huge thank you to Renae Johnson and Realm Studios for making Kelsey’s senior pictures an experience of a lifetime! From the hair and makeup to wardrobe changes, Kelsey felt so special! As a parent, the greatest reward is seeing the joy in your child. Renae Johnson and Realm Studios fulfilled that for Kelsey and I! My most sincere gratitude to you and your team. They are all fabulous! -Carrie Foster, Mom to Kelsey Class of 2015

10559836_661215823946959_6548227983615510662_n“As a mom of her first senior graduating high school, I wanted Sarah’s senior picture day to be a special one, Renae and Realm Studios made that happen!! From the hair, makeup, clothes, and the awesome locations we went to the day was so special and one that Sarah and I will remember always!! We cannot wait to see the pictures, I am sure they are going to be amazing!!! Also, a big shout out to the “glam squad” who made Sarah’s vision of what she wanted come to life. We are so glad we chose Realm Studios!!! Thanks Renae, your the best!”
-Brenda Graham, Mom to Sarah Graham Class of 2015

10419992_660227330712475_1733107876667690243_n“Victoria had an amazing and fun day having her senior photos taken by Renae from Realm Studios. Renae has a wonderful way of getting some awesome, natural shots! It was a great way to start her senior year! So glad we used Realm Studios! It was a great experience and we wouldn’t dream of using anyone else!” -Valerie Edwards, Victoria’s mom Class of 2015

realm seniors“We really enjoyed the process of choosing our pictures and can’t wait to see the finish product. So glad we decided to use Realm Studios for Ariel’s senior photos. It has truly been a fun and inspiring experience…..from the day of the shoot to choosing our photos.” -Andrea Charles, Class of 2015 #realmsenior Mom


senior_portrait_photographer  “Alex’s pictures were absolutley beautiful Renae captured not only my daughters face, but her heart and soul. We will treasure this amazing day and these pictures. I’m grateful for this event I got to share with my daughter before she leaves home for college. I highly recommend Realm Studios to anyone who wants an exceptional experience and photographs.” -Sue Adams, Alex’s Mom

rave3“It was different than how I expected a senior picture session to go, it was actually fun. It wasn’t just posing and getting your picture taken, it was hanging out with a camera being there to capture some of it.” -Alex, Class of 2014 Senior Model

rave1“I have never experienced anything like this before, the crew from CLM studios is so much more energetic and fun to be around than what I’ve seen from others.” -Caroline, Class of 2014 Senior Model


rave2” I give CLM Studios my highest recommendation; the whole experience of my photo shoot was awesome! You should definitely get your senior pictures taken with CLM, if you want a unique and fun experience.” -Lindsey, Class of 2014 Senior Model


rave“What is the definition of RAVE?  ”to give praise in a highly enthusiastic way” – My prayer is that our enthusiasm is displayed in this RAVE about our Girls Day Out – Mother/Daughter photo-shoot with Renae of CLM Studios.  Beyond the wonderful experience with her talented staff of make-up artists, hairstylists and assistants her professionalism as a photographer can only be described as “phenomenal”! This was a day not only to bring out the outer beauty but the inner beauty of love between mother and daughter.

I did not get a chance to have this type of opportunity growing up and my prayer is that every mother and daughter will take a day to allow clm-CAPTURED LIFE MOMENTS to create lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime!! I will have these photos to share with my entire family and generations to come!! Renae continue to share your talented gift and art as a photographer to all!”

raveToday I took my first photo shoot with a true professional, I was past nervous, but Renae and her staffs quickly made me feel at “home” in front of the camera. We had a great time, she made me laugh, smile, be natural and just be who I am. In the beginning she was directing me in the pose she wanted. Before I knew it I was posing like a PROFFESSIONAL and enjoying every minute of it.  My experience was more than I expected.  Renae taught me the value of a good photo and if done right you have captured a memory to have for yourself and to share with others for a life time.
My love and thanks for what you have given me!!!
Ken Spiva – Senior Vice President

 “Working with realm studios has been a pleasure and I was constantly pleased by the quality of photos I received. Having worked with many different photographers in many different locations, I can say that my time shooting with realm studios has always been most enjoyable and fun. Enjoying the process allows me to take even better photos, and I look forward to continuing to capture special memories throughout my life with the help of realm studios!”-Kristen Little, Miss United States International 2011, Miss Sunny Isles 2013

“Last Wednesday I had my senior portraits done by CLM Studios which was an amazing experience! I was completely “All Glammed Up” by her professional stylist team, and loved every minute of it :) I have no doubt my portraits turned out beautifully, because I was comfortable with how each shot was taken :) thank you CLM Studios for starting my senior year with an easy full day of just fun :) ”  -Emily Joy Harvie-Class of 201

“As a former Miss Georgia and Miss American Dream, I’ve been privileged enough to work with many photographers. But I’m blessed enough to be photographed by Renae Johnson and CLM Studios.  The work is absolutely stunning.  She is a class act with a God given talent.

Thanks for sharing your talent!”  -Dina Wyatt-Former Miss Georgia and Miss American Dream

“I can’t begin to say enough about my senior photo shoot with Renae Johnson and the CLM Studios glam squad! My experience was more than I expected it to be. I felt so comfortable with her and her crew. In the beginning I had no clue on how to pose or what to do, but she directed me throughout the photo shoot! I was “All Glammed Up,” for a few hours and it was a wonderful experience. Thank you Renae and CLM Studios for capturing one of the best moments of my graduating year!”  -Maryssa Hicks-Class of 2012

“This was not your average Senior Picture set up, Kendall was quick to tell us that this was one of her best experiences and memories from high school – Renae from CLM Studios made our daughter feel like a star, from makeup to wardrobe to unique onset locations to capture Kendall’s personality.  As parents we were thrilled with the results  and I can’t imagine not having these photos, we are so glad we entrusted Renae and CLM Studios to capture these truly once in a lifetime images.  Best investment I’ve ever made!”  -Steve Yapp (Dad) Kendall-Class of 2012

“In one word “breathtaking” were the photos captured by Renae Johnson and CLM Studio’s.  Renae is an outstanding photographer and we want to thank you for the amazing pictures of our daughter!  We loved your work, professionalism, photogenic eye and style!  You made the first of many portrait sessions such a success! We look forward to working with you to capture her as she grows through the years to come!!”   - Milette Watkins (Mom) Malea-Aspiring Actress


“The first time I had a photo shoot, freshman year, I was beyond nervous, but Mrs. Renae has a way of making you comfortable on the other side of the camera lens. Once the shoot got moving, the jitters and butterflies went away and the pictures came out great! With such an amazing experience on my first shoot, I knew I wanted her to take my senior pictures because the quality of the pictures and the passion for photography that Mrs. Renae has is out of this world. Just as I expected, the shoot was very easy going, fun, natural, and 100% me. I love that she allows you to pose in ways you feel comfortable, unlike other photographers who tell you what to do. By using that approach of photography the end results are pictures that actually express your own unique style, and if you’re like me the last picture will be the one you’ll love for a lifetime.”   -Shontice Butler-Class of 2012

“What can I say, Renae is an extremely gifted photographer who truly brings out the best in ALL of her clients! I fell in love with Renae’s pictures before I knew who she was. Her photos express love, joyfulness, and inspiration to anyone who has the pleasure to enjoy them.  I have never liked being in front of the camera. But, since I met Renae, she has made me fell so comfortable and relaxed, that I finally sat still long enough-in order to have my picture taken. We laughed and “SMILED” while having a great time, and before you knew it…it was all done. Renae is truly a special blessing that God has granted a gift- to use to enhance to beauty of others!  Thank you CLM studios for taking the fear out of being photographed!”
-Wendy Roberts-CEO/Founder of Minds in Motion, Inc.