Three Easy Steps to Create Model-Worthy Cheekbones

We are not all born with that model look, but there are ways to create it. Our makeup team did a fabulous job defining Morgan’s cheekbones at her photo shoot. Follow these three easy steps and tips to create your own model worthy cheekbones in no time!

Before you start, you need to find the natural angle of your cheekbone. The general rule of thumb to imagine a vertical line that starts in your ear and runs towards the curve of your mouth. Pull the skin back at the natural line, and the hollow area that you see is where you are going to place the color. If you don’t have a hollow area, just draw a line with the blush and make it up.

1st: Apply a sheer cheek glaze to the apple of your cheek. This sheer color helps create light on your face. If you add liquid gold to the glaze, this highlight will add height to your cheekbone and to produce an overall sheen.


2nd: Choose a blush color that will add shimmer. You want to choose one that will also add height to your face. If you are light-skinned, a peachy pink color with lots of shimmer is perfect for you! Smile and place the blush right at the apples of your cheeks. For the best results, make sure you apply the blush with a brush and blend the color and the highlighter together. This technique gives you a glimmer-like effect.
















3rd: Lastly, apply powder or cream to your face to highlight the color. Sweep the contour line with a palette that contains both light and dark tones across your cheek. This creates a certain sense of depth as well as vibrancy and gives you a matte appearance.




















If you followed these three easy steps, you’re all done and your cheekbones should be beautifully sculpted!  This technique helps fill out a thin face; using darker tones will help thin a fuller face. Did you like this quick, easy makeup tip? We’ve got a bunch more! Jump in the convo on our Facebook page.

















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